MODX Pro Pack 5000mah 120c 7.6v High Voltage “Shorty”

MODX Pro Pack 5000mah 120c 7.6v High Voltage “Shorty”


  • 5000mah’s of capacity for extended run times.
  • Accurate discharge ratings increases power and speed.
  • Durable molded hard case for increased crash protection.
  • High Quality, Low resistance 4mm bullet connector.
  • Manufactured using the latest chemistry and components.

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  • MODX Pro Pack – Designed and Developed for the serious racer in mind.Looking for punch? You found it! MODX Pro Packs use the latest in chemistry and manufacturing techniques to provide you with a High Performance solution for all demanding applications from “Blinky” Stock racing to 1/8th  Off Road. These packs not only sport accurate discharge ratings but are able to hold a higher average voltage over the discharge of the pack thanks to the low internal resistance and high quality components.The MODX Pro Pack 5000mah “shorty” is a great tuning option for racers by allowing you to move weight around for that perfect handling vehicle without sacrificing punch and voltage.All MODX Pro Packs are assembled from matched cells rated by Voltage, Capacity and Internal Resistance. This will enable us to produce a very high performing pack that stays consistent charge after charge.


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